• Location: 1017 University Ave.
  • Phone: 619.297.2056
  • Description: Flicks was the brain child of Larry Gillis back in 1982. When music videos were becoming mainstream, Larry wanted to create the first gay video bar in San Diego. When Flicks opened in February 1983 it was half the size it is now and only had two large screens which showed music videos, movie clips, comedy skits, and tv shows. Flicks was an instant hit with the gay community when it opened. The bar would be packed each night and quickly became a cruisy bar for gay men to meet other gay men. Every night featured something different and drink specials were always offered. Many gay men would come and pack the bar each week for shows like Dynasty, The Colby’s, and Designing Women. Since then, Flicks has earned a reputation for being a major staple in the gay community. In 1992, Larry expanded the bar (doubling its size) and offered a side bar and a pool table.

    Larry was heavily involved with the gay community during the height of the AIDS crisis, offering many contributions to different AIDS organizations. Unfortunately, it was AIDS that Larry fell victim to in 1993, leaving his Flicks legacy to continue in new hands. Since, Flicks has undergone some change in ownership and was by longtime bartender Nigel Mayer and Joseph Letzkus . Both Joe and Nigel have continued Flicks’ involvement within the gay community. Joe is currently a member with the Imperial Court de San Diego. Then, Nigel was involved with Special Delivery – putting on trips to Magic Mountain and the Price is Right. In 1996, Nigel became a co-founder of Ordinary Miracles, which raised over $250,000 for multiple charitable organizations.

    Flicks underwent some major remodeling back in 1999 to help it compete with newly emerging video bars within the community. Through the times, Flicks has maintained a loyal clientele, while welcoming new patrons with Flicks’ extremely outgoing, professional, and attractive staff. Flicks prides itself on having something to offer everybody in the gay and lesbian community each night of the week. Flicks was the first gay bar to offer a lesbian night on Tuesdays back in 2001, challenging a taboo that it was not possible. Many nights are popular with the community like the Dating Game on Monday nights with local personality and community leader Nicole. Then there is Wednesdays with $1 well drinks and South Park which attracts some of Hillcrest’s hottest crowds. Flicks’ goal is to ensure that everybody feels welcome and has an enjoyable time. Flicks main pride is having the largest selection of music videos and the best comedy skits in town. Flicks also offer pool, video games, NTN Triva Challenge and a clean decorative smoking patio – which has the best cruising on University Avenue.

    As of November 1st 2006 Nigel Mayer bought out longtime owner Joe Letzkus who is set on reitiring and as for Flicks Nigel has no immediate plans to change anything. Nigel said that he’d make improvements here and there but no major changes. This will mark the first time since Flicks creator Larry Gillis opened the bar that Flicks is back with one full owner.

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