Electric Beach At Subclub

Electric Beach at Subclub Venue:
Fri Oct 31 2014 6:00PM
New York
54 W 21 St
Type: General Admission, Price:$15.00 Buy Your Ticket
Type: After 1AM Admission, Price:$5.00 Buy Your Ticket

Subclubs New York Halloween Party 2014

As darkness falls on Hallows night, uncover the beautiful creatures in search of nocturnal delights. Inferno’s wrath tempts your soul, ethereal spirits radiate a celestial glow. Bevies of Manhattan’s vixens will surely come out to play, in seductive guises that’ll snatch your breath away. The thrill of horror is lurking in October’s brisk air, the wicked and the damned frolic without a care. The pimps and the hos are out in full pageantry as the ghouls and the goblins creep eerily.  21st & Sixth is where Subclubs annual tribute to terror begins again. Step into the light through Subclubs haunting brass gates. R.I.P.

Raise the roof off of NYC’s premier mega bar-restaurant-lounge and upscale billiard hall all in one at Subclubs Halloween Tribute to Terror Masquerade Fest! The sprawling 16,000sf bi-level layout connected by a staircase in the shape of a pool triangle serves as the haven of mischief and mayhem pre-Halloween parade. Halloween enthusiasts and thrill seekers, both mortal and immortal, will mix and mingle by Subclubs stunning 54 architecturally designed glass bar. Dance, prance and reap havoc on the dance floor! The choice is yours…

Highlights of Subclubs tribute to terror include: 

  • One Hour Vodka Open Bar (9pm-10pm)
  • A Live DJ performance 
  • Ticket options for Subclubs VIP lounge
  • Bottle package options

…and a joonbug.com photographer to capture all the mayhem of the night!

*Pool tables will not be available Halloween night!


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