• Location: 4282 North Drinkwater Blvd.
  • Phone: 480-970-3325
  • Layout: Featuring 4 different rooms including a patio
  • Atmosphere: Based on the 4 elements, special featurins include: high ceilings, a 20 ft high waterfall, waterbeds, & a futuristic patio
  • Age Group: 21+
  • Average Cost: $10
  • Hours: Tues – Fri: 5pm – 2am, Sat – Sun: 6pm – 2am
  • Description: Featuring 4 different rooms: Fire Room, Liquid Room, Air Patio, & Earth Lounge

    Fire Room

    Fire is a gothic inspired creation, reminiscent of the dark ages. Grey limestone wall, candlelight and crushed red velvet surround the many nooks and pockets of this compartmentalized area. Arched pass-throughs take you through each area, be it the tower dance floor with stadium seating, or the plush private members area complete with an elevated throne. Leather clad servers and hard rock/hip-hop mash-ups complete the seedy and seductive vibe that captures the essence of fire.

    Liquid Room

    The liquid room is a Las Vegas inspired dance experience. Dramatic high ceilings, hi-tech decor & effects and water, water everywhere. From the walls of bubble panels, to blue lava lamp tables, to the 20 foot high centerpiece waterfall; you will fell completely submerged. Enjoy a special elixir at the bar while water flows under the bar top, or recline on one of our VIP water beds for exclusive bottle service.

    Air Patio

    The patio is literally the best place to get some “air”, and the surroundings are like no other patio bar. Air is a “Jetsons” inspired creation and the ideal place to kick-off the night. The space-aged decor and sky blue backlit bar and cloud panels, give you the uplifting feel of jet setting in a futuristic skyscraper penthouse. The vibe is upbeat but relaxed, with floating plasma screens playing an enchanting video mix, and “levitating” seating, you’ll truly experience that the air is better up here.

    Earth Lounge

    The Earth lounge is the perfect subterranean getaway to relax, unwind, and lounge.
    Dine with our delectable small plate tapas menu, sip one of our signature martinis, or indulge in a decedent desert. The vibe is both chill and highly surreal, as earth evoke an intimate, sensual, but playful feel. You’ll truly feel “down to earth” as you are surrounded by undulating, color-changing walls, organic shapes & fixtures, and funky colors. Think Dr. Suess meets Bellagio!

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