Deep Sea Gypsies

Deep Sea Gypsies Venue:
Cobble Stone Pub
Fri Oct 25 2013 9:00PM
Cobble Hill
3566 Holland Ave
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October 25th :: Deep Sea Gypsies w/ Redwood Green Cobblestone Pub

Deep Sea Gypsies: on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the Deep Sea Gypsies are greatly influenced by the blues and rock originators of the early to mid 19002 s. A time when music was all about exciting innovation and experimentation. Feeding off this inspiration they then blend in their own unique twist with elements of hip hop, folk and funk. Their songs are reflective of the laid back vibe and lifestyle of western Canada and find a comfortable home anywhere; whether relaxing at a beach fire or dancing at the bar..
Redwood Green: Green s west coast acoustic surf rock style has landed them amongst the go to acts on Vancouver Island. The love of the party down to the love of the earth has brought four young men together to embark on a musical journey through festivals, nightclubs, bars and coffee shops. The band has shared the bill with such acts as Vince Vaccaro, Acres of Lions, The british Columbians among many more with their high-energy full drum kit live set, while also taking the time to perfect an intimate acoustic set played at coffee shops, living rooms and the beach. With the release of their long awaited debut single Clear Blue Skies behind them, the band looks forward to finishing and releasing their full debut album in the summer of 2013.

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