DeadBeats 10

DeadBeats 10 Venue:
Open Studios
Sat Oct 29 2011 11:00PM
#200 – 252 E. 1st
Ticket Type: Presale, Price:$20.00 Buy Your Ticket

DeadBeats 10
Ten Year Anniversary

&Limited Pre-sales $20 Available

Ten years. Time flies when you’re having fun and at Open Studios we are having loads of fun!

Join us for a special night of amazing music, spooky visuals, and incredible people.

::Line Up::
&Dirt Crew (Dirt Crew Berlin, Germany)&
&Scott W&
&McSuede + Boatman (We Have Friends’ Music)&
&T.J. Hooker (Subversive)&
&BentMatter Vj’s And guest VJ Lighthead& on the all new visual mapping set up…

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