CUBE Nightclub

  • Website: http://www.
  • Location: 314 Queen Street West
  • Phone: (416) 263 0330
  • Layout: medium
  • Atmosphere: really cool
  • Age Group: 25 plus
  • Description: CUBE Nightclub

    Escape to a voyeuristic world where the dance floor and sound, take shape as they take you over. Succumb to the next dimension of entertainment and style as CUBE unveils a provocative realm where superior design, mood and art merge to create a masterpiece of untamed sophistication.

    Designed with evening mischief in mind, CUBE is a nightclub experience unlike any other. Revel in the sound of premiere international DJ’s, as the beat washes over you. Bask in metallic brass-laden touches, as they elude to infamous nights at Studio 54 and alter egos. Or redefine the very meaning of indulgence in CUBE’s bottle service booths. Trimmed in jet= black, lacquered woods and finished with lush, retro green seating; late night revelry at CUBE is a ritual.

    Inspired by iconic sixties and seventies contemporary design, CUBE features nostalgic retro detailing, elegantly fused with an avant-garde approach. The space evokes a seemingly innocent world with underlying threads of tasteful eroticism. Life imitates art, curated to tempt late night frivolity as it delights with a collection of textured, risque photographs reinterpreted in cubist fashion.

    We dare you to experience the next dimension in nightlife at CUBE, where entertaining is more than just an art.

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