• Location: 7310 maurice-duplessis
  • Phone: 514-494-8005
  • Layout: 47Feet by 50Feet | 47Feet by 30Feet(upstairs)
  • Atmosphere: Lounge & Nightclub
  • Age Group: 20\\\'s
  • Average Cost: Free
  • Hours: Thursday NightsFriday NightsSaturday Nights
  • Description: Coppola’s Bar and Lounge continues to evolve into the hottest night life experience on the other side of town on weekends, all the while providing you with a cozy decor and relaxing setting Wednesdays and Thursdays.

    Now nearly one month into the Whacko Productions regime, we have been able to offer you many new amenities and services such as a brand new jukebox machine with nearly 100,000 songs of every imaginable genre blasting through over 8000 watts of sound, an ATM service, a partnership with Hype Energy Drink, a colder, tastier, fresher draft Beer due to a state of the art SubZero pressure keg, the acquisition of DJ Feola on Friday nights and Jeremy G on Saturday nights, a new variety of munchies including succulent chicken wings made fresh upon your order, the showing of all Montreal Canadiens games on our four HD plasma televisions as well as on the biggest projector in the RDP area, the functionality of a second full bar available to our exclusive clientele in the private mezzanine, the addition of several beautiful professionals behind the bar at your service as well as the constant best specials on bottles and drinks around.

    We continue to grow and perfect our craft, giving you the most enjoyable bar experience possible. Many new features are on their way to Coppola’s including ever evolving joint ventures with DJs, promoters and more.

    Stay tuned for for all info regarding the upcoming months, including details on the “‘Poppin’ Bottles” event on Friday October 16th for the ‘ballers’, the Jimi Hendrix experience on Saturday October 17th for all rock fans followed by Dj Jeremy G and of course the biggest and most unique Halloween party the East End has ever seen on Saturday October 31st.

    November reserves us a very big surprise with a world renown DJ from the Montreal area coming back to the roots as well as several events and evenings that you have come to expect from Coppola’s Bar and Lounge…stay tuned..

    December will be off the charts with the sexiest Christmas and New Year’s Celeberations around…

    Coppola’s Bar and Lounge is always available for your private parties, birthdays, staff nights, Christmas parties and more…

    Your pleasure is our business!

    Thankyou to all our customers and friends for your continued support!

    Capacity 400 people

    —- ATM SERVICE —-

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