Clusterfolk Halloween Bash

Clusterfolk Halloween Bash Venue:
Fortune Sound Club
Sat Oct 27 2012 5:30PM
147 E. Pender Street
Type: Regular, Price:$15.00 Buy Your Ticket

Vancouver’s Dreadnoughts will be sharing the stage with old friends The Creepshow out of Toronto and new local folk gods Cornshed. Prepare a night of Clusterfolk with a twist of psychobilly and … well … ska.

EARLY SHOW DONE AT 10:30, tickets valid until 9:30PM. !

9:45PM: The Dreadnoughts

8:45PM: The Creepshow

8:00PM: Cornshed

7:15PM: The Fundamentals

6:30PM: Hellbound Hepcat

Show up before 6:30 and receive a free tasty Cariboo ..

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