Club 23 West

  • Location: 23 West Cordova St.
  • Phone: 604.662.3277
  • Description: Located in the heart of Gastown, Club 23 West hosts some of Vancouver’s most underground and hottest Club nights, notably Organix psytrance Fridays and the notorious Sin City fetish party on the second Saturday of every month.

    A laid back atmosphere and vibe as much like a house party as a club night give 23 West a comfortable atmosphere, added to by the legendary back patio overlooking Blood Alley. Spacious, heated and private but with a public view, it’s a favorite spot for many.

    In addition to the patio, dance floor and lounge area, 23 West has many TVs with visuals, pool, and a second room downstairs which gets opened on larger nights. If you haven’t been, check out one of their events next time you have the opportunity!

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