Chris Lake

Chris Lake Venue:
Fri Oct 30 2015 8:00PM
1712 Walnut St.
Type: Advance, Price:$20.00 Sold Out
Type: VIP (Admission + One Hour Complimentary Bar Package 11pm-12am), Price:$30.00 Sold Out

 For the past five years, Chris Lake has been living the dream. As a DJ he’s travelled the globe. As a producer, he’s topped industry charts over and over again. As a lover of music, he continues to chase down the freshest beats around. Simply put, he’s become one of the great DJ/ Producers of the world. 

The question is, what is the sound of Chris Lake? Yes, he is known for his electro-pop crossover productions, and based on the success of Changes, ‘La Tromba’, ‘Only One’ and ‘If You Knew’, why not? The latter, taking the number one spot in the Music Week, Buzz and Cool Cuts charts, while the accompanying music video was praised by MTV and broke into its Top 5 weekly chart.


As a DJ his vibe is very different, always enjoying the darker and deeper side of electronic music, yet still fusing in homemade edits, just so the dance floor knows it’s a unique experience and one to be savored.

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