BRYX @ Gallery Nightclub

BRYX @ Gallery Nightclub Venue:
Sat Oct 25 2014 10:00PM
1318 BROAD ST.
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Hailing From a small town in the Canadian mountains, Bryx has emerged. Known for his eclectic style, Bryxs cuts have earned him a place among the greats that few can rival. 
Coming from a hip hop background, Bryx got his start as a turntablist before developing a taste for his own sound. Always keeping it fresh and not limiting himself to any particular style, hes earned his way to win party rocking competitions across Canada including Redbull 3Style. As well as music festivals such as Shambhala Music Festival, Bryx is a DJs DJ that always delivers. Taking influences from a broad range of styles, his sets are filled with treasures.
In addition to his skills behind the wheels of steel, Bryx has held down top spots in the charts for his production. Dabbling in sounds, from blue grass to glitch. If anything is for certain, Bryx is here to stay!

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