• Location: 701 C Street
  • Phone: (619) 237-0510
  • Description: From the creative mind of nightclub visionary & entertainment maverick, Mike Viscuso, comes BOUDOIR, San Diego’s newest and sexiest exclusive nightclub. Boudoir is an uncensored tryst. Veering away from the current trend of opening “just another nightclub”, BOUDOIR is a wild card that openly addresses what’s been lacking in our country; as well as its most energetic and exciting city for the last few years.

    BOUDOIR brings some much needed imagination and fun to Southern California. With the lavish, edgy swagger of New York, creativity hinting of Hollywood, and a sexiness & sensuality alluding to South Beach, Boudoir opens a door to a new era in San Diego nightlife. Add a European flair towards the tease of original burlesque and wrap it up with the ‘throw a great party’ attitude of Las Vegas and you have an entertainment mistress that will bring our guests to their knees while blindfolded & loudly whispering, “Thank you ma’am, may I have another?”.

    Guilty pleasures are our specialty.

    BOUDOIR is an intimate nightclub that follows an edgy, sexy theme spread over three levels that are rich with elaborate decor and atmosphere with sly nods to “Moulin Rouge” and “Chicago”. Boudoir challenges your senses from the moment you cross our threshold. You find yourself catching your breath, feeling your pulse quicken and with only a slight pause to accept the fact that this truly is something that San Diego has never seen before; You lunge forward with an excitement you haven’t felt in years!

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