Boston Halloween Pub Crawl

Boston Halloween Pub Crawl Venue:
Fri Oct 28 2016 2:00PM
22-24 Clinton St Boston
Type: 3 DAY ALL ACCESS PASS, Price:$5.00 Buy Your Ticket

Boston is the home of baseball, the oldest restaurant in the U.S and undeniably the best bars in the country. Boston’s bar scene is quite complex and sophisticated these days. From pubs and nightclubs, to cocktail bars and breweries, and that’s exactly where we are here to help you navigate the confusing maze of bars on Halloween night in Boston. But what is the Boston Halloween pub crawl? Only the most bomb event of Halloween! Imagine Boston’s best party crowd dressed in ridiculously awesome costumes, getting together having amazing drinks, and an even more amazing time. For Halloween weekend, Faneuil Hall will be transformed into the center of nightmare nightlife for all those who seek fun and excitement this year. 

Now we know you probably have already been invited to some friend of friend’s party that they claim will be amazing. But we know, and more importantly, you know that it will be subpar or even lame at best. You’ll get all dressed up like your bad self, drag all your friends out and then sit in the corner of the party giggling at your own inside jokes. Sound familiar? So ditch that party. With this year’s Halloween bar crawl, our goal is to create a legendary night for you and your friends that surpass every single lone Halloween event in town. Why stick to just one venue when you can enjoy variety all night long? Roam the city of Boston on the most exciting night of the year with your entire squad and create those memorable moments that people wont believe! So with three days of crawling, Boston will surely not disappoint. Grab you friends, put on your wildest costumes, and let bring fright night to you!

For tickets, group rates, and more information, visit or call 888-998-6609v

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