BEACH At W San Diego

  • Location: 421 W B St.
  • Phone: 619.398.3100
  • Description: Frolic in the sun all day and bask in the glow of moonlight all night – life sure is beachy keen when you’re basking amidst tropical motifs, heated sand, a fire pit and private cabanas above downtown San Diego. Sounds like heaven? Welcome to our playful oasis, an urban rooftop BEACH bar where you can beach blanket bingo with the crowd.

    Infused with sunshine during the day and illuminated by accent lights, a beautiful glow reflecting off city lights and surrounding buildings after dusk, BEACH is a surreal tropical paradise where you can channel your inner surfer or wahine. As you make your way through lush greenery arranged in a shoreline terrain, take stock of your options: Wiggle your toes in the sand. Lose yourself among the plush pillows splayed all over our sand-friendly, squishy furniture. Make friends with the slushy machine. Socialize at the fire pit. Or retreat into a private cabana for a tete-a-tete (wink wink), cozy conversation (buzz buzz) or a relaxing respite from the action (hush hush).

    Want to make a splash? Wander down to WET, our outdoor pool area where you’ll play, mix, and mingle. Kick back on a lounge chair and dream away as you gaze at the azure blue topiary wall and water. Or catch a breeze in Veranda, an outdoor space that will provide you that well-deserved respite from the sun.

    If you feel like you might miss the water, we have cool cocktails and more at BEACH and Veranda that conjure fantasies of the Pacific Ocean Blue – Key Lime Pie, Passionfruit Rita, and Cantaloupe Martinis (just to name a few). Full service bar or bottle service, what’s your pleasure?

    W San Diego is a fresh mix of innovative design, comfort, and cultural influences from fashion to music to art and everything in between. While youÂ’re with us, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

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