Batman & Catwoman Halloween Ball

Batman & Catwoman Halloween Ball Venue:
Sat Nov 1 2014 10:00PM
Los Angeles

Halloween is that time of the year when Batman & Catwoman meet for a night of humping & funking at one of our top upmarket American Soirees. In attendance with our debauched couple are a selection of Hot Witches in heels, pointed hats and sexy underwear accompanied by Horny Wizards in smart proper shoes waving big wands.


This vampire feast gets hotter every year with a selection of the planets hottest couples running rampant in their kinky pursuit of the sweetest cherries and the biggest bananas to nibble on thus, re-defining filth in the new millenium.


This annual gathering bringing together couples dressed as witches, wizards, bats, Ghouls, Ghouls in Suits, Ghoulfriends, Draculas, Draculas Daughters, Draculas Granddaughters, Draculas Great Granddaughters, Goths and a range of other assorted night time beasts who are the most erotic free-thinkers of the twenty-first century. Heels for women and proper shoes for men to go with the fancy dress on this night of debauched sexual wickedness at the height of the witching calender.


Masquerade masks essential, broomsticks & magic wands optional, Morals need not apply.

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