Bar None Heaven & Hell Halloween

Bar None Heaven & Hell Halloween Venue:
Sat Oct 28 2017 6:00PM
New York
98 3rd Ave
Type: RIP Admission I Promo, Price:$6.66 Sold Out
Type: RIP Admission, Price:$13.66 Sold Out

The East Village is never a disappointment on a night out in the city. So what better time to visit than Halloween? The annual Heaven & Hell Halloween takes hold of Bar None, located at 98 3rd Avenue, on Saturday, October 28th. Goons, goblins, witches and even Superman may show up! This is the time of the year when you can dress up like whoever or whatever you want and you look completely normal on the street, especially in Manhattan! Bar None is a local hot spot and is known for their hospitality, well-priced drinks, and an awesome party crowd. Fright Night begins at 8 PM and we go all the way until 4 AM. Get a real glimpse of Halloween in NYC when visiting Bar None because this type of experience should never pass you by. Call your friends and spend this years Halloween at Bar None!

Bar None East Village Heaven & Hell Halloween event. More Information, visit

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