Bamboo52 New York City Halloween

Bamboo52 New York City Halloween 2015 Venue:
Sat Oct 31 2015 6:00PM
New York
344 W 52nd St
Type: RIP Admission, Price:$16.66 Buy Your Ticket

When night falls on Halloween this year, New York City is going to get a bit wild. But of all the places to be, none will be better than Bamboo 52. Located in Midtown Manhattan, this bar is going to be transformed into a scene straight out of a horror movie. After 9PM, be there with your friends and dressed in your best as all types of ghosts, goblins, monsters, and more will come walking through the door. Whether youre thinking about coming out onto the streets dressed as a ghost, sexy teacher, or even Lady Gaga, Bamboo 52 will be attracting the hottest and wildest costumes in the Big Apple. Free shots for the best costumes will be awarded during the event, so come out to eat, drink, and have spooky fun at Bamboo 52. Make Halloween 2015 one to remember.


For tickets and more information, please visit or call 888-998-6609

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