Axis / Radius

  • Location: 7340 East Indian Plaza
  • Phone: 480-970-1112
  • Layout: Featuring 2 distinct nightclubs. Including a first-class cigar bar, a patio, & a separate VIP club.
  • Atmosphere: A popular hangout for professionals looking for a good time or to unwind,
  • Age Group: 21+
  • Average Cost: $10 – $20
  • Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 9pm – 2am
  • Description: Located in the heart of Scottsdale, filled with high-energy music, exotic food, excellent drinks and a first-class cigar bar, Axis/Radius offers two distinct nightclubs contained in the same venue. The atmosphere attracts celebrities, athletes and jet setters from around the world. These clubs are popular hangouts for professionals looking for a good time or to unwind.
    Upon entering Axis, you are greeted by an open and glittering bar that straddles the indoor and patio locations. A slightly raised seating area which doubles for a stage is tastefully composed of leather couches and chairs that beckon comfort. The kaleidoscope mirror wall along with the sand walls creates any number of moods The second level, know as the UV Room recently went through a half a million dollar renovation. Ultra violet lights radiate through out the second level giving the up stairs a beautiful blue glow.

    For those looking for a little more excitement on the dance floor, crossover the glass catwalk to Radius where the pulsating music captures and dazzles your senses. Radius also offers a captivating VIP club called the Amber Lounge. This private club features a one-of-a-kind floating bar made from real amber inlaid with insects, twigs and flowers. This lounge is a haven for those who want an exclusive nightclub atmosphere with a little personal attention.

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