Arthur’s Tavern Hoboken Haloween

Arthur's Tavern Hoboken Halloween Venue:
Arthur’s Tavern
Sat Oct 31 2015 9:00PM
237 Washington Street
Type: RIP Admission, Price:$19.99 Buy Your Ticket

Arthur's Tavern is aclassic Hoboken hot spot. With so many years of unforgettable parties underit's belt, this staple of Hoboken nightlife is at it again for Halloween. Thehaunting Hoboken community will rise up on Saturday October 31 to overthrow thebars and lounges of Hoboken. But pay close attention to Arthur's Tavern becausethey'll be hosting some great drink specials along with a vibrant crowd thatwill keep you dancing all night long. Freaks, goblins, werewolves and maybeeven a celebrity or two may crawl up into Arthur's Tavern on Halloween night.Located at 237 Washington St, corner of 3rd St, Arthur's will ensure that yourHalloween doesn't go forgotten. Call up some of your wildest friends and makesure they put their creativity to the test. Halloween is the one night out ofthe year when you can act as silly as you want and dress up like nobody'swatching. Create memories that will last until the New Year at Arthur's Tavernin Hoboken!

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