Arthurs Lounge

  • Location: 501 College Street
  • Phone: 1-647-893-5004
  • Age Group: 22
  • Description: This gem is one of those undeniably sleek restaurants whose opening causes a whirlwind of buzz – solid water-cooler murmurings of “did you hear about Arthurs?” newsiness – making us feel like we must go just to solidify our ever increasing hipness. But more than anything, we need a place like Arthurs just to keep the local scene from growing stale.

    The resto-lounge, on the outward stretch of the College Street Strip, has the air of a feisty but appropriately cocky hipster lounge; the wait-staff maintain their correct proportions of arrogant gaiety and runway model good looks, while the kitchen doles out appealing small plates. All of this helps to craft Arthurs as a critically cool addition to the area.

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